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Specializing in SolidWorks 3-D Solid Modeling & Component Fabrication
  using the latest in affordable accurate CNC Plasma Cutting technology

 of helicopter tail rotor component


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3-D SolidWorks

Watch CNC Plasma Cutting in ACTION
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to watch a name being cut out
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Initially 'parts' (art or mechanical)
are created in SolidWorks as fully 3-D models
(Light blue image on right)
Then the part is imported into the CNC Program
(Black image on right)
The actual part cut out in the video above-That fast, that easy, that precise...
(Green image on right)
There are very few limitations to what you can create
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Click the image of an artwork door      
to see additional
examples of what is possible       

Click image to see 3-D object format



Watch a video of
CNC Plasma Cutting in ACTION
To watch a name being cut out,
Click on the photo below
(opens in new window)
























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