Christian's Projects

I have many projects in the works at all times; here are some that I am documenting. Not all have photos or text but I will update as I have time. Each heading below will have a link to a separate page/section.

-Cri-Cri aircraft construction from scratch

-Cosmos ultralight trike copy from scratch

-Grumman American Yankee AA-1 certified aircraft rebuild

-Steadycam conversion of Magic Arm 6000 for Sony HD HDC-HDR camcorder

-Steadycam Mk V AR (Alien Revolution) from scratch for above

-Waste Oil Heater with Corey modification

-VT-50 based Gas Turbine converted to axial flow turboshaft with planetary N2 power turbine

-'Ultralight' 'homebuilt' Tiltrotor aircraft




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