About Christian

Making a strafing run on life...


Name: Christian. (Carl Christian von Delius)

Signs: No Speed Limit.

Favorite color: Blue. (Like all colors, especially vibrant/coherent laser)

Enjoys: Life, girls, flying, caffeine, mindless high school comedies, sex, cartoons, creating.

Avoids: Loneliness, bad spelling, idiots, broke people, bureaucracy.

Considers himself to be: Happy, honest, intelligent.

Is known for his: Quick wit, Ability to draw attention to himself, flying skills.

Is recognized for his: Lack of focus, amazing son, brilliance.

Uses: A computer, a laptop and an aircraft of any sort.

Wants to: Build an international airline, Finish all the projects, build a castle (not any castle, mind you, but a Hollywood 'style' home cross between star wars, star trek, medieval era), go to Australia, Israel (to go Hang Gliding), Europe, South Seas, Lord Howe Island and everywhere. Maybe even be a published author. Maybe be an internet celebrity. With my expansive flying experience, my main goal is to be a helicopter cinematographer, because I understand and like the ability to provide a camera platform for a point of view for dynamic shots for chasing vehicles while moving and flying backwards.

Ideal Career: International playboy using the private jet to commute to weekends on multimillion dollar yachts at island getaways.

Has no plans to: Ever be insignificant.

Favorite Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/vondeliusc

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For a more current idea of what my life is like, visit my Live Journal (coming soon)


I was born on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California 27 Feb. 1960