Alert: Lewis is now 12 years old!




Lewis is the Mostest Awesome Punkins!


This is Lewis Alexander von Delius

born: September 15, 2000

He is a brilliant rocket scientist as well as a fireman.


His furry friend 'Springtoes' out-weighed him 5 to 1 when he was born premature. Lewis was 5 pounds at birth, and

the cat-zilla weighed in at 25 pounds. Springtoes died in December of 2006 at 15 years old; He is a good cat..

Scroll down to see photo of the Puss and Lewis as a baby






Below is a current photo of Lewis;
Taken 03/24/2010



Mr. Crabbydabits




Lewis used to be afraid of tsunamis but daddy cured him of that by making him go into the tidal wave zone.

Notice that he is smiling in the face of impending doom.

Click photo for larger version


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